Traxxas Spartan Review

Traxxas Spartan Review


Traxxas is a renowned manufacturer of radio-controlled cars, boats, and aircraft since 1986. In 1989, it introduced its first marine product Villain IV deep-V, twin motor, marine craft. With the advancement in technology and rigorous research, Traxxas came up with its 36-inch, brushless powered Spartan. It comes ready to be used with four “AA” batteries required for the transmitter and a charger needed for the twin 7-cell NiMH battery packs. So let’s continue with this with Traxxas Spartan Review.

Traxxas Spartan Boat Features

  • 36-inch deep V
  • 9.5 inch wide hull for extraordinary stable speed
  • Hull constructed from super rigid ABS
  • Traxxas Velineon 540 XL brushless motor
  • Water cool VXL-6S Speed controllers
  • 42 x 50 mm 2 blade molded propeller
  • Flex cable drive system
Traxxas Spartan is built for top class performance and high speed that is not possible with “Ready to Race” (RTR) boats. This boat contains a powerful, water-cooled, and brushless motor system inside a hull that drives it to a speed of more than 50 mph. Moreover, Traxxas comprises a top standard 2.4 GHz radio system with a well-engineered design constructed with high-quality parts with attention paid to the finest of details.


Traxxas Spartan features a lightweight yet rigid hull constructed from Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS). The rigidity is obtained by layering the ABS where it is required the most such as at the ride pad and transom. Further stiffness to the hull is provided by the foam that fills the hole in the bow. Integrated battery plates are positioned on both sides of the hull, which can lodge different types of battery and allows quick tuning of the hull by moving the battery packs back and forth. Also, to lock the batteries in place, a hook and loop strap is provided.

The Hull

A removable power unit is located right in the middle of the hull. The power unit accommodates the motor, steering servo, receiver box, speed control, and stuffing tube. The best part about this is that it comes out of the boat as a single entity. All that has to be done is detach the flex cable and the rudder linkage, unplug the water cooling tubes, and loosen the two screws.

Color Choices

Traxxas Spartan comes in two colors, red and blue, with durable external body that enables it to withstand the inevitable hits and scratches that occur when transporting it.

On the transom are attached the stainless steel trim tabs and turn fins. The trim tabs help in keeping the hull at a proper elevation on the surface of the water, while the turn fins give aggressive surrounding. A 6000-series anodized aluminum drives the drive strut, rudder and rudder strut. The intake of the water cooling system is located on the sharp-edged rubber.

Spartan Powersystem

The main core of any electric boat is its power system, and Traxxas Spartan is equipped with one that is bionic. Traxxas produced the incredibly powerful brushless motor and high-voltage speed control in collaboration with Castle Creations, the forerunner in high-power brushless technology. The Velineon 540XL brushless motor provides speeds of more than 50 mph through high voltage and current. To relay all that power properly is a robust flex shaft, fastened to the motor’s output shaft. The flex shaft can easily be removed with the aid of open ended 10 mm wrenches for maintenance.

Traxxas Spartan is fitted with a TQi radio system, which produces a 2.4 GHz high-output signal along with a broad range of tuning features. The specialty of the TQi system is that it can be connected to a docking station for an iPhone or iPod touch in which the Traxxas Link app provides additional tuning options, and the telemetry can also be exploited when Traxxas sensors are coupled.

All the electronic circuitry inside the hull is waterproof, including the high torque 2056 rudder servo and VXL-6S speed control, while the receiver is sealed inside a watertight box.

Traxxas Spartan comes with two 7-cell Power Cell NiMH battery packs to give it a powerful start. Each battery pack is fixed with a 12-guage wire and high-current, high-output, gold plated connectors.

At its maximum speed, the Traxxas Spartan sounds like a mini turbine jet is embedded into the boat. In addition to the sound is the worth watching 8 to 10 feet high water trail fountain, which takes minutes to vanish when the boat swirls by.

What we like about the Spartan (Pros)

Traxxas Spartan with 6S LiPo power can travel super-fast, covering a large operating range around 1,200 feet. Also, it contains a highly powerful brushless motor manufactured with the help of Castle Creations, one of the leading names in brushless motor machinery. Its startup power provided by the Power Cell NiMH battery packs gives it a quick release. Above all, its waterproof electronic circuitry keeps it damage free and prevents any kinds of short circuit or sparks.

What we don't like about this boat

The biggest drawback of Traxxas Spartan is that its hull is not protected from water, which can lead to its destruction. It also achieves a speed of 50 mph at the expense of 6S LiPo power. Furthermore, the Spartan does not come with batteries for the transmitter, extra propellers, and a display stand. Besides this, the runtime of the boat is only 10 minutes, which is quite small as compared to other electronic boats.

Traxxas Spartan, a ready-to-race boat rather than a ready-to-run boat, is the smartest choice for someone who loves playing with electric boats. It is not something that is meant for kids, but it offers adults an excellent overall package. Although it is not the perfect electronic boat on the market, its pros outweigh the cons, and it surely is the best buy. Hope you enjoyed this review on the Traxxas Spartan.  The extraordinary features that provide a complete package of a high-powered exceptional performing boat are available at an affordable price.

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