RC Boats For Sale 2019

Christmas is here and we’ve made things easy for you and have personally gone out and find the perfect rc boats for sale. We went through them to make sure you got the best bang for your buck and found the best deals.

RC boats are fun for both children and adults. For those of you who looking to find quality RC boats, there are various things you should consider when making the purchase. This includes checking the performance, speed, operation time, design and portability of the RC boat in question. We simplify things for you in this guide.

Best Remote Controls Boats For Sale Compared

UDI001 Venom
Traxxas Blast
Traxxas DCB M41
Tobeape RC Boat
Pro Boat Blackjack
Pro Boat Zelos 36

UDI001 Venom

img-10This product is quite fast for the price it charges. With a high speed of 15 mph, you can enjoy the fast performance of the boat in both pools and lakes alike. However, you won’t be able to achieve this speed every time. Instead, the normal speed is always lower than 15 mph.

 One major issue of RC toys is their operation time is limited to the battery life. However, this product succeeds in increasing the battery life. This is achieved by delivering a bonus battery.

Traxxas Blast

img-11Traxxas is known for its RC Race Boats. When you consider the various features of this product, it is not hard to understand why.

The radio system of this product is as good as it can get. It is able to deliver precise 2.4 GHz control. All you need to do is switch it on and begin driving your boat. Rather than occupying yourself with the task of managing channels and frequencies, the simplistic design of the control ensures that all your focus is on the boat instead.

The fact that the product comes fully assembled and hence ready to be used right out of the box is a convenience lauded by many. Additionally, when you do put it in water, its design makes sure that the product does not flip over. This has been guaranteed by the deep V-hull of the product.

Traxxas DCB M41

img-12All those of you who wish for your RC boat to be funky and aesthetically pleasing, you will find this boat to be a good choice.

While you might think that controlling an RC boat is easy, it is anything but. With each ripple of water, your RC boat faces a challenge and so do you. This RC boat is perfect when it comes to delivering great control. This has been guaranteed by the inclusion of Traxxas Stability Management. This function helps the user have optimum control of the product even when the boat is operating at a high speed.

The manufacturers have outdone themselves when it comes to delivering a stylish design. Also, the use of vibrant colors gives this boat a funky look that many of you might appreciate.

Tobeape RC Boat

img-13For those of you who wish for an RC toy that can complete complex moves, this is the perfect product for you.img-14

The durability of this product has been ensured by the inclusion of sturdy and robust elements. The exterior of the RC toy is strong enough to bear impact and hence deliver its performance for years to come without any issues.

The product is also shockproof which further helps in delivering durability. The powerful grips of the tire make are perfect for different platforms while the addition of the dual motor allow the RC toy to complete all types of moves and overcome obstacles.


img-15This is one of the best RC boat toys in town. It is lauded by the masses for its quality and performance.img-16

The first thing you will notice about this product is its high speed. The boat can attain a maximum speed of more than 20 mph which is fast enough to put most other RC boats in the market to shame. However, make sure you only use this boat in pool water. It is not made for saltwater use and hence should not be used on lakes.

One flaw of most RC boats is that they tend to flip when in water whenever a wave comes. But this product is designed to avoid this issue due to its anti-flip nature. This makes controlling it a piece of cake.

Pro Boat Blackjack

Pro Boat has succeeded in leaving its mark owing to the quality products it delivers. This boat is an example of it.

Stability is seldom delivered by RC boats. One big wave and the toy goes berserk. However, this is not the case with this product. Instead, the manufacturers have included an offset rudder system. This system plays an integral role in delivering enhanced stability in water. You would think that the product is glued to the surface of the water by the looks of it.

The boat has the capability of reaching very high speeds. It can go as high as 30 MPH. However, it will require additional accessories in order to do so. These accessories are not included in the package and must be bought separately.

Pro Boat Zelos 36

Do you wish to outstrip other RC boat owners when it comes to owning a fast and durable boat? Well, Pro Boat Zelos will certainly allow you to do so.

While other RC boats deliver a maximum of 30 mph, this product delivers an exceptionally high speed that makes 30 mph seem like a child’s play. How much can this product deliver? Well, it is believed that the boat can go as high as 60 mph! While this high speed is not realized every time you use the product, the fact that you can go as high as 60 mph when the need arises is a feature of much love.

Furthermore, the manufacturers of the product have managed to ensure its durability with the help of an array of features. For instance, the construction of the exterior is marked by the use of fiberglass instead of some flimsy plastic. This material is used all the way from the tip to the rudder. It makes sure that the boat can withstand impact and wear and tear.

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