Best RC Submarines For Sale 2019

RC Submarines have become extremely popular especially with the rise of technology. RC submarines an now be used in most places due to their ability of transmitting live video footage so the person controlling it can guide it. RC Submarines make use of their cameras which provide excellent entertainment to others. 

​Top 7 Best RC Submarine Comparison Table

Silverlit Spy Cam
AquaBotix Submarine
Seawolf Sport
Thunder Tiger 5220
SGS Waterproof
6CH Mini RC
13000-12 Diving

Best Remote Control Submarine Reviews 2019

Silverlit Spy Cam Aqua Submarine

This RC submarine functions like a pro. It can move about in any direction and is suitable for fish tanks or freshwater. When it goes out of range, it will float to the surface. The same happens if it runs out of batteries. It is a fantastic toy to have some fun with.

The best part about this RC submarine is that you can capture underwater pictures with it. The camera can click pictures and even record a video. The photo quality is 1280×960 pixels, and the video quality is 640 x 480 pixels. This means that underwater pics of your fish are clearly captured. They can also be transferred in a jiffy with the help of a USB data cable.

The feeder arm can be attached or detached as per your wishes. You can fill it up with food so that when the fish come to take a bite, you can catch the imagery via the camera. You can capture stunning pics of fish feeding on their food thanks to this unique feature.

  • Triple channeled with infrared control
  • Dual LED front lights
  • 8 AA batteries required
  • Removable feeder arm
  • 256MB internal memory
  • Built-in camera

Users have reviewed this toy very positively and praised its spot-on functionality. The only drawback that a few people have mentioned is that the signals don’t reach very far. That’s not a big deal as only a few folks have to say that about this incredible RC submarine. The rest are very satisfied. This Silverlit Aqua Submarine is a quality item that is worth purchasing.

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AquaBotix Submarine

This RC submarine is one that has several classy features. With two different modes ROV and AUV mode this single person deployable rov can easily fit your needs.

Easy to control – You can conveniently control this sub using a web based application when it is running in autonomous mode.

Has Own Wifi – The one problem with submarines is the range of signals. This product comes with tech that gives it its own Wi-Fi resolving that problem.

  • LED lights
  • 100m/300m Depth Rating Available
  • Five motors
  • Easily configurable sensors

This is an excellent choice for professionals who need a high tech gadget for their critical missions. The submarine’s light weight makes it an excellent choice for those who are on a one man mission.

Seawolf Sport Remote Operated Underwater Vehicle Kit

This submarine is a great product for all those who want the best tech in an ROV in 2019. It has a horde of noteworthy features and is worth the investment as it’s reliable. The long-lasting submarine is made of high-quality materials and doesn’t have any major defects.

You can send this submarine underwater by attaching a camera to it. This camera will capture HD images or make crispy clear videos of marine life. The camera isn’t included in the package, however. This product offers very excellent quality that other brands should take note of.

This one also has the auto-detect protection system installed. That’s a fascinating and important quality that all RC submarines should have. Through this feature, the toy is protected from damage. As soon as the system realizes that there is leakage, the battery is going down, or the signals aren’t strong enough, it empties the ballast of water to make the submarine float to the surface of the waterbody.

  • Completely assembled
  • Static and dynamic diving system
  • Auto-detect protection system
  • Camera mount comes along with it
  • Active brushless engine
  • Enormous tri-fin stabilizer

Users have many good things to say about this RC submarine. It’s a top notch gadget and has many features in its arsenal. The quality is great, and the submarine is durable. While it is on the costly side of the price range, it doesn’t count considering that the Seawolf RC submarine is a product that’s worth buying.

Thunder Tiger 5220 Neptune SB-1 Static Diving Submarine

This fantastic toy is one that’s excellent at its task. The toy is a joy to play with, and the material is almost indestructible even though it’s plastic. The bright yellow color it comes in makes it visible in the water. It is one great RC submarine that you should have.

The ABS plastic hull of this RC submarine can be resistant to even the most damaging of impacts. This makes the toy a very durable one. The inner and outer hull are resistant to wear and tear, and the material used for the making of each and every part is of high quality. That’s what makes this toy so dependable.

An auto-detect protection system has been installed in this toy. If the system finds out that the battery is running low, the signals are weak, or there is any kind of leakage, it will automatically start flooding water out of the ballast tank so that the RC submarine will float back to the surface. This is a very crucial and noteworthy quality.

  • Can withstand impact without any issues with the ABS plastic hull
  • 12 V powerful motor
  • Complete rudder control
  • Lead acid battery comes along with it
  • Ballistic tank
  • Dual static and dynamic system

A huge majority of users are very satisfied with this toy, and praises of its high-end quality have been sung. People have mentioned how fantastic this RC submarine is. It is one of the best out there and is entirely reliable. The robust and powerful pump and motor run the sub in an excellent manner. The one demerit mentioned is that it is rather expensive, but that’s acceptable considering how amazing this toy is.

SGS Waterproof Remote Control Submarine Diving Toy

This RC submarine is a favorite of users because of how easy to use it is. The little blue toy is perfect for a great playtime. It moves in all directions and doesn’t mess up. It is a fun thing to have that is also of high quality.

The best feature of this RC submarine is that it is very responsive and easy to use. The controls are easy to comprehend, and the submarine follows all directions without delay. This feature makes it stands out as many subs fail to respond underwater, while this one isn’t one of them.

Another important aspect of a toy is whether or not it charges correctly. This submarine charges quickly, and the battery lasts for quite a while. This SGS submarine can be charged via a USB cable, which makes for convenience. A LED hints that the toy is being charged and stops glowing once it is fully recharged.

  • Waterproof submarine
  • 4 AAA alkaline batteries required
  • USB charging
  • Blue in color
  • 30-minute charging time
  • Instructions manual comes along with it

Customers are very satisfied with their SGS remote-controlled submarine. It is a joy to play with, and the working is top notch. Not only does the toy have excellent looks, but it has fantastic functionality too. It is easy to manage as it is responsive. The only con is that it can be difficult to screw in the batteries, but that’s not an issue, considering that someone else can do it for you if you aren’t good with tools. Overall, it is an incredible little toy that would make a beautiful addition to your fish tank.

6CH Mini RC Submarine

This is another enjoyable remote control submarine submarine of classy quality. It also has many incredible features in its arsenal and offers an amazing performance for some fun time. You can play with it in fresh water or a fish tank. It is waterproof, and the usage is trouble free.

This 6CH RC Submarine is a compact toy. The one feature that makes it stand out is that it takes only about 10 minutes to charge completely. This way one can return to playing with it in no time. It’s like you take a break from the game and charge the submarine and it is done when you get back!

The thing about colorful lights is that they are eye-catchy and fun to play with. This toy has several colors glowing. The LED lights are a creative touch and makes for a different and more enjoyable experience.

  • Lightweight toy
  • 40 MHz highly sensitive transmitter for convenience in using
  • Colorful LED lights
  • Charging time is 9 minutes
  • Working time is 6 minutes
  • Control range is 5 m
  • Manual included

The majority of the reviews are in favor of this product and have praised it for its impressive functionality. The only drawback mentioned is that it has trouble in the water sometimes. However, that’s the view of very few people, and most consumers have nothing negative to say about it. It offers high-end quality and is durable. It’s a worthwhile investment. It’s small, but all good things come in small packages!

13000-12 Diving Toy 6-Channel Remote Control Navy Submarine Boat by Friends Equipments

This 13000-12 RC submarine is an excellent toy. The company Friends Equipments has come up with a fantastic product that you can spend your spare time playing with. It has many incredible qualities, so you will not be disappointed. The navy-blue color and amazing features make this an exceptionally great toy.

This toy remote control submarine is fun to play with and easy to control. It instantly reacts to the commands you send to it via the transmitter. There’s no delay or slow movements which make for a fantastic playtime experience. Unlike other submarines, this radio-controlled one doesn’t falter.

This RC submarine knows how to keep itself balanced in the water. Whether it is floating on the surface or diving inside the water body, the toy knows how to adjust its weight in a balanced manner. This is one incredible feature.

  • 6 channel remote control
  • 5 m distance range
  • Already assembled
  • OMNI-Directional movements
  • Balanced weight adjustment
  • Multiple propellers
  • 4 AA batteries required

The people who have purchased this remote control submarine are happy with this toy. They have talked about how fun it is to use and how the quality is amazing. This RC submarine is one fantastic thing to spend time with. The only drawback mentioned is that it doesn’t dive very deep into the water. However, that isn’t a huge issue considering how awesome the toy is to play with. If you are on the lookout for an RC submarine, you should go for this one. It is not a waste of money and is worth purchasing.

Remote Control Submarine Information​

An RC submarine is a ship that floats on the surface and can also dive underwater then make its way back to the surface. It comes in two types: static and dynamic. The static one has a ballast system, while the dynamic one doesn’t.

Different Types of RC Submarines

The static ones dive straight into and under the water with little to no help from the surface controls. They float back to the surface by forcing water out of the ballast with the aid of a pump or compressed gas. The dynamic ones, on the other hand, are forced into the water with the help of control surfaces and as soon as the speed goes down, the buoyancy makes them float back to the surface.

RC submarining is an enjoyable hobby that many people enjoy. From kids to adults, anyone who is interested in exploring underwater life finds RC submarines to be enjoyable to use. The submarines are controlled through a transmitter that sends signals to them. However, the signals don’t reach very deep underwater, which is why an antenna is required.

Before purchasing an RC submarine, there are many things that one needs to know about it. The factors you should consider before buying one are the speed of the submarine, the depth it can travel to, the material it is made of, and how much it costs.

These days, the RC submarines come at all sorts of prices and with several unique features. For instance, the remote control submarine can feature a camera that can click pictures and capture videos of the marine life. Or it can simply have a camera mount but not a camera so that you can fix your own camera for high-definition photography of fish.

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