Best Electric RC Boats 2018

Electric remote control boats are the way to go if you want simplicity. It’s mentioned that often electric rc boats are normally slower than their gas or nitro boat counterparts. However with all the advancements in engineering this is no longer true. We have boats that can go all the way up to 50 mph!!

Electric Remote Control Boats 2018

Aquacraft Wildcat EP

Speed: 40mph
Type: Electric
Weight: 5

Traxxas 38104

Speed: 20mph
Type: Electric
Weight: 5

Atomik Barbwire

Speed: 25 mph
Type: Electric
Weight: 3

Impulse 31 Deep-V

Speed: 25mph
Type: Electric
Weight: 2

Traxxas Spartan 57076

Speed: 50mph
Type: Electric
Weight: 11


We’ve reviewed some of the top electric rc boats in the market. Make sure to read our reviews and leave a comment down below with your own experiences. 

Aquacraft Wildcat EP

img-8Ah the wildcat. A lot less expensive than the impulse above and it can still go up to 40mph! It has a 1800 kv Brushless motor and uses a 2.4 GHZ. It does not come with a Li Po battery so you would also need to get a 3S 11.1 V with at least a 2000 mAh battery charger.It tends to stay very dry as well, while you should still seal the boat with tape this boat does tend to stay drier than most boats. It also comes with a “break away” rudder system which helps prevent its hull from being damaged if you do ever end up crashing it. It’s a pretty big boat, its 26 inches long and 9 inches wide.

Traxxas 38104 Blast

img-10If your worried about your electric gear getting wet, than this is no longer a problem. This electric rc boat has a waterproof Nautical ESC, waterproof high torque servo and a watertight receiver box. It’s 24 inches in length and has a brushed Stinger 20T 540 motor with a water cooling system to keep it running for longer run times. It also includes a 2.4GHZ radio so there is no worry of any interference of any sort. It’s quick, easy to handle and simple. You can drive it any were even in a swimming pool if you’d like.

Atomik Barbwire

img-11Let’s start off with this bad boy.  If you just want to get out and driving than this is what you go for. As the name says: self righting which basically means you don’t have to worry about it being blow over because it will bring itself back up! As many experienced rc boat enthusiast will tell you, your boat blowing over is about the most annoying thing that can happen.

You will not have to worry about that with this rc boat. At a size of ’17 inches don’t let its size confuse you, its feisty. It has a  2950kV  water cooled brushless and 30 amp water cooled ESC. With speeds reaching up to 25 mph, it makes fast and easy turns. It uses a 2.4GHZ radio which means you don’t have to worry about any interference. The price is also reasonable. Read the full revie here.

Impulse 31 Deep-V

img-12If speed is what you were looking for then you found it! This rc boat is capable of going up to 50mph!! With a offer rudder system it’s extremely stable in any conditions and it stays on the water without blowing over even at the highest speeds. Now one thing better than this boat’s hardware is the design. With a black and red design built from fiberglass it looks ferocious. It has a 2.4GHZ Dx2E marine radio system with a MR200 marine receiver. It comes with 1800kV brushless motor and a water cooled Dynamite marine 80 amp ESC and its 6s compatible. The only thing it doesn’t include is Li-Po batteries or a Li-Po charger so you will need to find those. This boat can either use 2S or 3S batteries. The propeller size is 1.6 x 2.5 with the highest quality of stainless steel. It’s brushless ESC programming module is also programmable incase you want  to make any other changes. The Impulse 31 Deep V boat is built for performance and it’s race ready. So if you want to beat your buddies in a bet this is the go to boat for racing.

Traxxas 57076 Spartan

img-14This list would not of been complete without including this monster! Out of the box it’s 30mph, when maxed out it can reach up to 50 mph. This boat is considered the fastest RTR boat out here! Coming in at a huge size of 36 inches, it has a 2.4GHZ and 5 channel receiver. You can even connect it with your iPhone or android phone for tuning purposes. It even comes with two 7 cell iDTM Power Cell niMH battery packs and a 4 amp Peak Detecting DC Fast Charger. It’s 6s Lipo compatible incase you wish to use Li Po batteries for even more power. It comes with VXL-6s Marine speed control and  Venileon 540 XL Brushless Power  motor with water-cooling jacket to prevent the motor from overheating. The hull is built very modern and clean. It has a brutal acceleration and speed. Traxxas is a world class manufacturer, it offers very helpful technical support so you will be in good hands if you do decide to go with this! Read our full Traxxas Spartan review.

If you want check out our gas rc boat reviews go to our gas rc boats page.

Brushed or Brushless Motors For Electric Boats?

Electric rc boats have two different type of motors. There are either brushed or brushless motors systems. If you want speed then brushless motors are the way to go but of course with higher speed also comes higher price. Brushed motors require a lot more maintenance so brushless are a lot more convenient. Brushed motors are cheaper, however they do tend to be louder than their counterparts. So they both have their pros and cons.

Electric boats don’t always tend to come with batteries so it’s always good to make sure that you check what is included in them before you buy them. If you start to notice that your boat is slowing down then this means that the battery is running out so bring it to shore immediately!

Batteries for Electric RC Boats

There are three types of batteries that come with rc boats. I won’t get to into detail in this post but I will explain some key differences. The three types of batteries for rc boats are LiPo, NiMH and NiCad. My recommendation from me personally would definitely be LiPo. Mostly every boat is now moving to LiPo due to all the benefits it comes with. LiPo batteries are very light compared to the other two and of course they are a lot more powerful. NiCad are technically considered the old technology.

One boat that anyone can enjoy is definitely the Udirc Venom. It’s cheap, fast, and reliable. It comes equipped with the newest technology which allows it’s batteries to be battery charged! I don’t believe there are any other boat’s in the market that actually do that. It’s also considered the #1 best seller by amazon in the rc boat’s section! Take a look at the whole review in our Beginner RC Boat Reviews page!

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