Best RC Sailboat Reviews 2019 For Sale

Best RC Sailboat Reviews 2019 For Sale

I hope you can agree with me in this one thing. Life isn’t possible without a good RC Sailboat…Finding an rc sailboat that can survive harsh winds isn’t easy to find. That’s why I have created a list of the best rc sailboats for sale 2019. 

After spending of hours researching and looking around for the best remote control sailboat I have come up with sailboats you can buy right now. 

Top 4 Best RC Sailboat For Sale Table

Golden Bright
Joysway V4 Dragon Force
Thunder Tiger
Kyosho Seawind
Kyosho Fortune 612

Best Remote Control Sailboats 2019

Golden Bright Radio Control Sailboat

If you are looking for a high-quality boat you may want to give Golden Bright RC boat a try.

This product is accompanied by a radio control set which allows you to operate their boat within a range of 160 feet. Furthermore, to make the toy seem more life-like, manufacturers have made it capable of steering it in any direction.

This toy is ideal for any age. The narrow band frequency of the transmitter allows for greater performance of the boat.

This product has been popular amongst parents and children alike. Parent have vastly appreciated the fact that it can be easily assembled and such a feature adds to the convenience of the product.


    • Stylish and engaging
    • Low Price
    • Steers in any direction


  • Quality of the motor can be improved.

Overall, this product succeeds in satisfying the needs of everyone. Its affordable price adds to the appeal of the toy. If you want to provide yourself with a fun yet cost-effective experience, this sailboat will not disappoint.

Joysway V4 Dragon Force RC Sailboat

Joysway is a company that has made a name for itself in the recent years in the world of RC sailboats. Its products are aesthetically pleasing and extremely cost-effective at the same time. A product that perfectly showcases all the strengths of the company is the Joysway 2016 V4 Dragon Force 65 RC Sailboat RG65 Class Ready to Run (RTR).

There’s a lot to love about this product such as its 2.4GHz radio system and its RG65 class rigging, but what takes the cake is its ABS molded hull. The Dragon Force 65 RC sailboat has aluminum fins and a molded plastic rudder, which only add to the handiness and robustness of the RC sailboat. Powered by an electric system, this model comes assembled in the box and can be taken out to your nearest lake or stream as soon as you get your hands on the model.

As mentioned above, all Joysway products are cost effective. Thus, it comes as a surprise to no one that the 2016 V4 Dragon Force 65 RC Sailboat RG65 Class is available in the market for just 174.99 USD. Being relatively cheaper than most RC sailing boats in this class, this product deserves all the plaudits that it is getting and then some.


    • Extremely lightweight(just at 5.2 pounds)
    • ABS molded hull adds extra robustness to the frame
    • Easily portable due to it’s size and weight
    • Comes ready to run


  • Can be a bit fragile

Thunder Tiger 5556 Victoria Sailboat

Established in 1979, Thunder Tiger is a company that has years and years of experience in the RC sailboat industry. Its products tend to be best sellers because it has built a diverse clientele that expects nothing short of excellence, and Thunder Tiger products always deliver. A Thunder Tiger product that has been flying off the shelves recently is the Thunder Tiger 5556 Victoria Yacht Kit.

What impresses most people about this product is the level of sophistication it proudly showcases. Everything on the hull of the RC sailboat speaks volume about the level of attention paid to detail. Small details like the angle of the sail and color of the mast make this product look like a legitimate yacht. Even the sail of the yacht has the actual Victoria logo on it, which only goes to show how great the Thunder Tiger 5556 Victoria Yacht Kit looks.

Aside from the aesthetics, there is plenty to admire under the proverbial hood of the Thunder Tiger 5556 Victoria Yacht Kit. The aluminum mast is ridiculously robust and is definitely built to stand the test of time. Moreover, elements like the hull, sails, mast, boat stand, and plastic rudder come pre-joined in the box which significantly reduces the assembly time. This means that you spend less time building the model and more time actually playing with it. Following are some of the most memorable features of this RC sailing boat.


  • Handles exceptionally well even in rough tides
  • Easy to assemble
  • Pre-joined plastic rudder, aluminum mast, sails, hull and other hardware which saves you time


  • A bit large

Kyosho Seawind RC Sailing Boat

No list about RC model boats can ever be considered complete without a Kyosho product. Kyosho is the go-to brand when it comes to high-quality RC sailing boats and yachts. Its products are built to last ages and can go toe to toe with any other RC sailing boat regarding quality and style. One Kyosho item that everyone seems to love is the Seawind RTR Racing Yacht Sailboat with KT431S Radio Wooden Stand 40462S.

The reason why we have included this item on this list is that it has a lot to offer. The most impressive feature of the Seawind RTR Racing Yacht Sailboat is that it has a 2.4GHz R/C system already integrated into it. This saves a lot of time and makes playing with the RC sailing boat more worthwhile.

What takes most people by surprise is that the mast, keel rudder, and even the ballast can be detached easily. This makes this product ideal for long distance transportation as it proves to be quite portable. Moreover, the items mentioned above can be detached without the help of a special screwdriver or any other tool like that which makes things convenient for the user. Furthermore, the aluminum mast and boom have great strength and are built to stand the test of time, which perfectly befits Kyosho’s MO.


    • Relatively lightweight for it’s size
    • Most key elements can be detached – ideal for transportation
    • The mast and ballast are super strong


  • Expensive
  • Takes a while to assemble (60 minutes)

Kyosho Fortune 612

It comes as a surprise to no one that this list of the best RC sailing boats available in the market today features more than one Kyosho product. The company is certainly the benchmark when it comes to RC model boats as no product can compete with a Kyosho item regarding quality or style. The second product that we have included on our list of the best RC model boats available in the market is the 40042B Fortune 612 III RC Sailboat Yacht RTR with 2.4GHz KT-21.

The best aspect of this RC sailing boat is that it has a pre-painted hull that has been assembled with surgical precision. This means that this product stays true to its Ready to Run (RTR) billing and can pretty much run as soon as it comes out of the box.

The Kyosho 40042B Fortune 612 III RC Sailboat Yacht RTR with 2.4GHz KT-21 is also quite environmental-friendly as its blast is made from lead-free material. This gives you peace of mind when you’re out taking this RC sailing boat for a spin. Moreover, just like the other Kyosho item on this list, the mast, keel and rudder can all be removed easily (without any tool whatsoever) which makes this RC sailboat easy to transport.

The best features of the Kyosho 40042B Fortune 612 III RC Sailboat Yacht RTR are listed below.


  • Optimal Navigation (turns easily)
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Comes Ready to Run


  • Sinks easily

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Build It Yourself vs. Ready to Run

While you are learning all about the different models and types of RC sailboats for sale in the market today, the one recurring aspect that you will notice is the open debate between build it yourself (kits) and ready to runs (RTRs). Both factions have a legion of fans willing to defend each type to the grave. While we won’t be chiming in with our two pennies worth of wisdom on the debate, we will, however, be looking to summarize it in terms that you can understand.

Simply stated, if you have trouble building things and don’t consider yourself a craftsman, it’s best to stay away from build-it-yourself kits and invest in a Ready to Run (RTR) model. These models come assembled in the box and, as their name suggests, can be taken out for a spin from the get-go. On the flip side, if you think you’re amazing at building things, buy a build it yourself kit. You will be able to tweak it to perfection so that it suits your style and gives you an edge in competitive races.

Invest In A Rescue Boat

The last thing that we want you to do is to buy a rescue boat. Most people get too excited when playing with their remote control sailboats and take them out of the range of the transmitter. The sailboat is then at the mercy of the waves and tide. Thus, to protect your investment, set a contingency plan in place. Buy a recovery boat that has a large range and can tow your stranded RC sailboat back to the shore.

What to Look For in a RC Sailing Boat?

Now that we have discussed some of the best RC sailing boats available in the market, it’s time we turn our attention to what makes these items great. Following are the factors that you should consider before investing hundreds of dollars in trying to find the best rc sailboat.

1. Size

The first factor that you need to consider when you are looking to buy an RC sailboat is the size of the product. Most people think it’s ideal to go for the biggest product available in the market. This could not be more wrong as products that are too big (generally more than 4 feet long) tend to break down more easily. Thus, it is better to opt for an item that is smaller and more robust.

2. Handling and Navigation

The next item we want you to seriously look into when buying an RC sailboat is how it handles on the water and how it treads tough tides. If you have little to no experience in this field, go online and read the reviews from customers who have already used the product that you are interested in. Bear in mind that no two RC model boats handle the same way so that it can be a bit tricky to find the model that best suits your style.

3. The Rule of Classes

The final thing to look for in a sailboat is its class. When we say ‘class,’ we are not talking about how aesthetically pleasing a model looks. No, there are distinct classes of RC sailing boats. The largest class is the 50/800 or the Marblehead class. If you are looking to enter a sailing competition, make sure that the product you have meets the class requirement of the race. If you are looking to buy an RC model just for fun, stick with the Star45 class.

You can find an equally helpful guide here.

What Is RC Sailing?

As far as hobbies are concerned, few are as fun and rewarding as radio-controlled (RC) sailing. The best thing about this activity is that it factors in all of the aspects of real life sailing, albeit on a much smaller scale, and makes it more enjoyable to be a part of. Moreover, there are hundreds of local races that are conducted on a weekly basis, which makes this sport unique and entertaining.

People who are new to RC sailing often feel like a fish out of the water as they simply cannot wrap their heads around the complexity of the sport. This leads to a build-up of frustration and anxiety, which can result in them prematurely abandoning their passion for RC sailing.

We do not want this to happen to anyone, which is why we have compiled all the basics of the sport under this piece. However, before we discuss some of the complications that most people face when they get into the world of RC sailing, here are a few quick tips that can help make your experience more memorable.

We will be telling you exactly what to do and what not to do when taking your remote control sailboat out for a spin.

Where can you sail your Remote Control Sailboat?

The last question that may linger in your mind after reading all of this is about where you can take your RC sailing boat after you have bought one. Depending on the class of your product, you can take your RC sailing boat to just about any water body near you. This includes lakes, streams, rivers, and lagoons. Your fun is limited only by your imagination when it comes to taking your RC sailboat out for a spin. These waters should prove to be the perfect training grounds for you to hone your skills before you get ready for the big leagues. 

If you feel like your navigation skills have been optimized and you can handle yourself against the big boys, take your confidence and RC sailing boat to your nearest AYMA (American Model Yachting Association) race. The AYMA is the organization that organizes top-quality races between RC model yachts and boats.

Moreover, it has classified yachts into distinct classes so that a particular race has only one type of class. This unique format ensures that there is a level playing field and that no competitor has an edge over the other. The AYMA conducts races between different RC models and yachts all over the United States of America. Hundreds of people attend these races to cheer on their friends and family members who are competing.

This creates a wonderful environment, which promotes skill and sportsmanship. These races are a spectacle to behold and tend to attract the best RC yacht sailors in the country. The AYMA even has a Hall of Fame that includes people who have given a lot to the art of radio-controlled yachts and sailboats. Learn more about them at their website:

If you feel the AYMA competition is a bit tough for you to beat, you can look into other local races in your area which will help you hone your skills.

If you’re afraid of sailing your rc sailboat in tough winds check out this video to ease the nerves:

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