Best Remote Control Boat For Pool 2019

Best Remote Control Boat For Pool 2019

Almost everyone has an indoor pool. Not a lot of people know that you can actually use your rc boat in your swimming pool. Now of course depending on the size of your pool and your remote control boat it can get a bit difficult.

Let’s take a look at the top remote control boats for pools. For some similar affordable boats see here.

Best RC Boat For Pools

Udirc Venom

See the review here. It’s small in size and it’s easy to control. Its fast but it’s not incredibly fast to the point where you can’t control it. Despite it’s low price it has top notch technology. You can pretty much use it almost everywhere which definitely makes it a must have rc boat. Wether you want to use it in your pool, lake or even take it out in the ocean you can be assured fun times lay ahead. 

Babrit F1

This rc boat can move in any direction. Forward, backward, left and right. It has a 4.7V 800 maH battery which takes approximately 3 hours to charge. It’s a great gift to a young one who just wants to take out his rc every now and then. It has great reviews so you can be assured that it’s reliable. The Babri f1 makes for an excellent boat for swimming pools. 

UDI007 Voyager

With speeds of up to 18mph it is perfect for those looking for a fun time in a swimming pool. While you’re obviously not going to reach that speed it’s not as difficult to control. It’s also self righting so it’s perfect for beginners and if you’re using it in a pool then it’s a great environment to learn! It has a low battery alarm so that it doesn’t end up dying in your swimming pool and you don’t have to worry about getting wet and getting it. 

These types of RC boats are usually small in size. The size of the boats range from the palm-sized boats to three feet. Depending on the pool size, you can buy different sizes. These boats are available in some of the most brilliant colors and styles. The sleek design of these boats allows them to float with speed on the water. 

Expert engineers manufacture these boats, so you will find the most famous names in their manufacturing. The design and body of these RC boats are unique and exceptional and these boats feature throttle control and full propulsion steering.

Things to look out for:

  • Small in Size
  • Easy to handle
  • Usually for beginners

The design and body of the boat make it fast and maneuverable. With power turns, the boat can avoid the edges. Remote control boats have rubber edges for safety and the boats are pre-assembled, which saves you time.

The propulsion mechanism and hull type of these boats give you easy maneuverability. The remote controls are also easy to use, and the interface of the remote is not difficult to master. If you have a large pool at home, then you can even race a few friends with their boats, which can make for a great game.

Difficulties Of Using Them In Pools

There aren’t that many difficulties of usng remote control boats in pools. While playing with them, you do need to be careful not to hit the corners of the pool. If the boat get’s damaged it won’t always be that easy to repair.

Not all boat are easy to control either. More speed means you need more space to make quick turns, so if you have a small indoor pool a high speed rc boat probably isn’t suited for this situation. 

If you wish to enjoy indoor games, then add RC boat racing to those games. These awesome remote control boats for pools provide kids and adults alike with an excellent way to entertain themselves. These boats are convenient and offer a safe way to play in the water.

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