Beginner RC Boat Reviews 2019 – RC Boat’s For Beginners

It’s always such excitement getting ready to get your new boat. So I decided to make this list. Finding the best rc boat for beginners isn’t always easy. There is a lot to choose from. There are many factors to take into account. Down below this list I have certain features that you should look at before buying an beginner rc boat. To see the top remote control boats click here.

Best Remote Control Boats For Beginners List:

Udirc 2.4 GHz High Speed
Atomik Barbwire
Pro Boat Miss GEICO 17
Balaenoptera Musculus
Radio Ranger 34
German Bismarck Military

Udirc 2.4 GHz High Speed

The Udirc venom is a great starter rc boat. This rc boat comes equipped with the newest technology possible. It’s a USB rechargeable speedboat which can get up to speeds of 25 mph. It’s one of the very and I mean very few rc boats that can be usb recharged, which makes it extremely convenient. It’s self righting as well which means that if your boat is to flip over then it will flip itself right back! This is huge!! Having to go out for your boat after it flips is one of the biggest annoyance of a rc boat hobbyist. Check out our page on rc boats with this self righting feature. With this boat there is no need to worry about that. It also has a low battery alarm which let’s you know when the battery is getting to slow so you can bring it right back to shore. Just like the boat above it also has a safety feature in place were the propellers won’t run unless they are in the water. All the features this boat includes make it very beginner friendly. It has amazing reviews on amazon and it’s very trustworthy. I would highly recommend this to any beginner and even an experienced rc boat hobbyist will enjoy it.

Atomik Barbwire

If you want to start off in style than this boat just for you. It’s very beginner friendly offering a very smooth drive and it also comes pre assembled so there isn’t a need for you to assemble anything. There’s also no need to be worried about water getting inside of it as it’s a well constructed boat. It’s Deep V shape allows it to be very responsive. It has a 30 amp water cooled ESC. It’s full 2.4GHZ allows for piloting without worrying about any interruptions. It’s cool brushless motor gives it power. Read our full atomik barbwire review.

Pro Boat Miss GEICO 17

The miss Geico is another one of my favorites because it comes with everything included! It comes with a 6 cell battery and a 2.0 A peak NiMH battery! This baby has power. It’s a one of a kind catamaran with a 2.4GHZ frequency and has a 380 sized motor which provides the boat with very high torque. It has a ABS hull so don’t need to feel worried about it breaking right away it’s durable! Just look at that color, this boat is mean to stand out. I don’t know about you but I would have to work to lose this one with it’s yellow bright color it would be nearly impossible to lose it. It has a length of 17 inches so feel free to take this bad boy out wherever you like wether it’s your back pool or the lake!

Balaenoptera Musculus RC Boat

The Balaenoptera Musculus RC Boat is perhaps the most popular beginner boat. It’s named after the blue whale the largest creature on earth. It’s the perfect boat for beginners it can reach up to 25 mph, and is powered by two twin motors. It uses a 7.2 rechargeable Ni-Cd pack. It has a long range of 300 feet and a incredibly long run time at 30 minutes. It also comes with a safety feature were the propellers don’t run unless there on water. even better is that the boat is dirt cheap compared to most rc boats. The price itself makes it one of the best rc boats for beginners.

Radio Ranger 34

I like to call it food and entertainment. This rc boat is specifically designed to catch fish in an unorthodox way.  It has very long range from 350-400 feet so that you can use it in places were you wouldn’t otherwise be able to fish. At a size of ’34 inches it’s able to catch any size fish and can reach up to 25 mph. It’s one of the biggest remote control fishing boats around and it evens includes a manual on how to catch fish. Everything is included with this boat so there is no need to go looking for all the extra parts. It includes the fishing pole, 7.2 1800 maH boat battery, boat stand, extra propellers, fishing line and fishing hook. Everyone loves this boat, from beginners or kids to experts. It’s a lot of fun and probably one of the most popular rc boats around because of it’s features.

German Bismarck Military Battleship 1/360 RC ’28 Warship Cruiser

This RC Boat is very detailed and a great scale model. It’s fully functional warship able to turn all four ways. It’s Ready To Run so you can take it out for a drive as soon as you receive it. It’s of high quality and has a good performance. Although it’s not very fast it can reach up to speeds of 10 mph with a range of 120 feet. If your environment is small then this is perfect since it can be driven even in pools. While this is a different type of rc boat and not really your typical electric or gas boat it’s perfect gift for someone just getting started or a kids gift. It has safety features in it were the propellers only run if there in the water. Read our full german bismarck review.

Looking for rc sailboats instead? Find the best rc sailboat here. Or maybe you’re looking for rc battleships here.

Best Remote Control Boat For Beginners?

Alright so out of all of these which one is the best rc boat for beginners? Well personally me I would definitely go with the Udirc 2.4 GHZ. It can reach high speeds that other rc boats cant. The handling of it is pretty decent and it’s easy to set up.

I’ve seen a lot of people highly recommend it and it also helps that it’s the#1 best seller according to Amazon. The price isn’t bad at all either. I think any beginner would highly enjoy this either as a gift or just getting ready to start your boating career!

Things to Look Out For When Buying An RC Boat:

Perhaps the most asked question for any rc hobbyist wether it’s boats,cars, helicopter or planes is which one is good for a beginner? Well I will try to answer that question as best as i can. So what exactly do we look at when we consider what is appropriate for a beginner rc boat? Well just some of the things we look at are pricing, speed, handling and assembling.


It’s the beginning of a new hobby and it’s always so exciting and tempting to get the best. But it’s important to first try out a few rc boats to see if you really like the hobby first. We don’t want to go all out and spend money just like that.  Most beginner rc boats can cost you anywhere from 30$ to 200$. Usually gas rc boats  are more expensive than electric rc boats. Electric rc boats are much easier to maintain and they do tend to cost less. So for a beginner I would highly recommend to start off with an electric rc boat.


Speed also plays an important part. Generally speaking the faster an rc boat is the harder it is to handle it. NOW WAIT. Do not quit already this does not mean your beginner rc boats are going to be slow. I mean there is even fast rc boats for kids. Beginner rc boats can have speeds ranging anywhere from 5 to 30mph. Of course once you get comfortable with your boat you could always customize it to go even faster so there is no need to buy a complete new one. The type of hull that a boat uses does play a crucial deal with the speed. For information on certain hulls visit the Different type of hulls page.


For a beginner it’s especially important to get a boat that is easy to handle. Remember the good old saying

“Don’t bite of more than you can chew”? Well it plays a role here. It can be easy to get carried away and want the fastest boat but it’s always best if you choose a boat based on how easy it is to maneuver it. There are still plenty of beginner boats that are fast and easy to handle so no worries speedsters! Just like with speed, the hull that a boat uses also affects its handling. If you visit the webpage I have linked on the speed paragraph you can see the different type of hulls and how they affect the boats.


Another thing that is important to mention is assembling. You will notice that a lot of boats have a RTR next to it. What this stands for is READY TO RUN. This basically means that there is no need to modify anything, such as installing the propeller or running it or installing motor it just means that it’s ready to be driven. Now don’t let this confuse you, RTR does not mean that batteries are included in it as well. So some boats will have the batteries included and others won’t and batteries are an extra cost typically ranging from 10$ to 50$.

Electric or Gas For RC Boat Beginners?

Personally me I have found out that the best rc boats for beginners tend to be electric. Gas requires a  bit more maintenance than electric. Where electric you only have to worry about changing the batteries the gas boats require engine cleaning and putting in the oil.

Now if you really want a gas boat then go for it. There are plenty of tutorials on youtube that can show you how to do this easily. Don’t be discouraged you will always have something new to learn.


Well I hope this guide help. Quick factors to take into account: Price, set up, and piloting. Your first rc boat will make a huge impact on your experience in this hobby. Don’t worry though. It’s fun! Want to find out what the best rc boat is? Visit the homepage!

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