German Bismarck Military Battleship Review

German Bismarck Military Battleship Review


Collecting Radio Control (RC) ships and boats is a fun hobby. Every year, people spend tens of thousands of dollars collecting and assembling RC ships. These ships are waterproof and come equipped with motors and circuits, which enable them to maneuver on different bodies of water like ponds and streams. Moreover, your usage of these ships is only limited by your imagination. For example, some people play with these models and have races with their friends and their RC models. On the other hand, some enjoy creating dramatic reenactments of historical events with these ships.

The Bismarck was a German military battleship. It served its time in the Second World War and was instrumental in the success of Operation Rheinübung. It is manufactured by NST Gifts, one of Amazon USA’s top sellers.

German Bismarck Features

The best feature about the RC Bismarck military battleship is its astounding operating range. It can operate up to a distance of 120 feet, which is significantly larger than most RC ships available in the market.

Another important feature of the RC Bismarck is that it is a Ready to Run (RTR) model, which means that it comes fully assembled when you buy it. This makes things convenient for the customers as it completely eradicates assembly time, and users can just start playing with their new purchase.

German Bismarck Specifications 

  • Full function RC battleship (able to move forward, backward, left, and right)
  • Intricately detailed exterior
  • Factory pre-assembled, Ready to Run (RTR) model
  • Dimensions [(L)x(W)x(H)] in inches: 28 x 3 x 7
  • Glossy exterior paint
  • Ideal for pools, ponds, streams, rivers, and lakes
  • 1/360 scaled model
  • 28-inch long
  • Speed up to 10 mph
  • Dual propellers
  • Operating range of 120 feet

What we like about this boat

The Bismarck is a fantastic radio controlled warship. Its key selling point is its accurate steering, which allows users to steer it left or right while it is moving forwards or backward with no limitation on either direction. Thus, it provides a superior 360-degree control.

Another notable feature is that it is extremely well-detailed. From the hull of the ship to its weapons, everything is as seen in the photos of the original Bismarck. The attention to detail is even more astonishing if you compare it to other battleships available in the market.

What we don't like about it

Ironically, the attention to detail has also been the downfall of the Bismarck. Due to the additional weight added by embellishments on the model, it has become slow as compared to the other RC ships in the same price range.

Despite its slow speed, the German Bismarck Military RC Cruiser is a popular choice for people who collect and race RC ships because of its large operating range and exquisite attention to detail.

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