Best RC Battleships & Warships 2019

RC battleships and warships have been popular for years. RC battleship combat is a water hobby and a popular combat style even today. RC battleships are watercrafts that are made with different calibers and built according to strict standards with electronic parts that aren’t ruined even after the ship sinks.

These ships are made with tight boxes covering the essential electronic parts, which prevent the water from entering the electronic components. RC warships feature cannons and pumps as well, and there are RC battleships that shoot to give the taste of real battleship combat.

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Best RC Battleships

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German Bismarck Military Battleship
Smasher Destroyer 31" RC Warship
30” Radio Remote Control Warship Challenger
31" RC 1:115 Destroyer

1. German Bismarck Military Battleship

Collecting RC battleships is a popular sports hobby and every year, more and more people invest in it. One popular RC warship that many people have in their collection is the RC version of the Bismarck, which is a very famous German military battleship. German Bismarck served its time during the World War II and is considered to be the most instrumental battleship in the successful Operation Rheinubung. This RC battleship is being manufactured by NST Gifts and today, it’s one of the top sellers.

RC Bismarck’s best feature is its magnificent operating range as it can operate at a distance of up to 120 ft. Compared to other RC warships available, this operating range is significantly large. Another great feature is that this RC battleship is a ready-to-run model, which means that it requires no further assembly when you purchase it. This is a very convenient feature as you can purchase it and start playing with it right away and save precious assembly time and effort.

  • Fully functional RC battleship with the ability to move forward, backward, left and right.
  • Intricately designed exterior with great detail.
  • Factory pre-assembled and ready-to-run model.
  • 28-inch length, 3-inch width and 7-inch width.
  • Glossy, water-resistant exterior paint.
  • Ideal for small water bodies such as pools and ponds as well as lakes and rivers.
  • 1:360 scaled model of the actual warship.
  • Top speed up to 10mph.
  • RC battleship features dual propellers and an operating range of 120 ft.


It’s a fantastic RC warship, and the biggest pro is its accurate steering, which will allow you to steer left and right and move forwards and backward without any limitation in any direction. A superior 360-degree control and a large operating range are its best selling points.

Another great feature is the well-detailed exterior. Be it the hull of the ship or the weapons, the RC model is an accurate portrayal of the original German Bismarck. Compared to other battleships, its attention to detail sets the Bismarck apart from the competition.


The ship isn’t as fast as some other models, and part of this is due to the additional weight of the ship. Furthermore, it can’t shoot as some other battleships and the weapons are only for show.

2. Smasher Destroyer 31" RC Warship

The Smasher Destroyer HT-2879 RC Warship is counted among the most intrinsic RC warships, and that’s not surprising since NQD is known for being incredibly detailed and intricate with its models. It’s an exact 1:115 scale replica of the renowned naval battleship. The ship looks like a delicate decoration piece that’s only good for placing on the display stand to admire, but it’s a fully functional RC boat that can easily sail at 10mph.

The steering is also pretty impressive as it can move not only in the forward direction and to the left and right but also in reverse. The dual propellers installed make it powerful enough to sail on lakes, rivers, pools and ponds while giving full control to the operator. It’s not the fastest RC boat available, but for the price, it’s very impressive. The boat is very durable and it even features a safety option that disables the motor when the boat isn’t in the water, which is ideal for when kids are playing with the boat.

The attention to detail and craftsmanship of the boat are impressive; the warship features a light-up radar tower, model helicopters, and gun turrets. With a runtime of 15 minutes and an operating range of 250 feet, it’s a great boat for recreational purposes.

  • 31 inches of length, 8 inches of height, and a highly detailed exterior.
  • 1:115 scale replica of the naval battleship with a fully functional remote control.
  • Glossy exterior paint and impressive craftsmanship.
  • Battery and RC transmitter included with the boat.
  • Suitable for pools, ponds, rivers and lakes.


The operating range is very impressive, while the attention to detail and craftsmanship will definitely impress you. It features gun turrets, helicopters and a radar tower that add to the realism of the battleship.


The 14-day warranty is a bit disappointing as compared to other RC warships. The battleship also lacks any instructional manual, so you’ll need to consult YouTube videos to get it up and running. The total runtime is also not up to the mark, and the top speed of 10mph is not the best available on the market.

3. 30” Radio Remote Control Warship Challenger

The 30″ RC Challenger Warship is a very intricate and highly detailed RC warship that depicts the full-scale naval warship and does full justice to the actual battleship. This isn’t just a battleship for decorative purposes, but it’s equipped with radio RC, so you can take it out to your pool or a nearby pond and sail the ship.

The best feature of the ship is that it comes fully assembled and is a ready-to-run model, which makes it an ideal gift as well. With 30-inch length, 6-inch width and 8-inch height, the ship is a 1:275 scale model of the actual warship. It is equipped with a rechargeable Ni-Cd battery pack and an AC charger.

When you are not sailing it out in the water, you can place it in your display cabinet as well since it comes with a display stand. The RC transmitter is also included with the warship. The attention to detail is visible on the exterior, and you can compare it to the pictures of the actual battleship and see the resemblance. With a glossy exterior paint that is water-resistant, this ship is ideal for small water bodies including pools, ponds, rivers and lakes.

The dual propeller design of the RC battleship gives it enough power to overcome the waves and sail at a speed of 5 to 10mph. Although the operating range of 60 ft is fairly low as compared to other RC battleships on the market, it is still sufficient for recreational purposes.

  • 1:275 scale RC warship replica of the actual battleship.
  • Detailed exterior with a glossy exterior body paint.
  • 30-inch long warship boat which comes with a fully functional remote control.
  • Dual propeller design powers it up to give 10mph in speed.
  • Operating range of 60 ft with a rechargeable battery pack and charger included.


Its biggest selling points are its exquisite exterior, excellent craftsmanship, and attention to detail. The RC model warship is by no means small, which means that it can also grace your display cabinet in its full glory. Moreover, the ship is a ready-to-run model and requires no assembly.


The operating range of 60 ft and the top speed of 10mph are not the market best by any means, but they are still enough for recreational purposes.

4. 31" RC 1:115 Destroyer Warship

The HT-2879 Destroyer Warship is considered to be one of the most detailed RC warships, and it has such intricacy and detail that you can even use it just for display purposes. However, this fully functional RC warship is more than just a showpiece. It is designed as a replica of the renowned Destroyer naval battleship with a 1:115 scale. This RC warship is capable of sailing at a top speed of 10mph.

The Destroyer Warship has a total length of 31 inches and steering it is very easy and convenient. Its 360-degree movement allows the operator to move it forward, backward, left and right. The ship is powered by dual propellers to give it enough power to sail easily in small water bodies such as pools and ponds, and it can even handle the waves of rivers and lakes. Though it’s not the fastest warship on the market, it’s still fast enough for an RC warship. The warship’s build is durable, which it should be, and the safety feature lets you disable the motor when the boat isn’t in the water, so it’s safe for the kids to play with it. Its biggest selling point is the 250 ft operating range and a total runtime of 15 minutes.

The warship also features a light-up radar tower, gun turrets and model helicopters as per the original battleship’s design.

  • The total length is of 31 inches and height is of 8 inches.
  • Highly detailed and intricate exterior and hull design.
  • Glossy paint on the exterior.
  • Rechargeable battery pack and RC transmitter included with the warship.
  • 250 ft operating range, 10mph speed, 15-minute runtime.


The large operating range, safety feature and superior craftsmanship of this warship are its best features. The durable build and exquisite details make it a warship worthy of having.


The warship only offers a 14-day warranty and comes without any instruction manual. Furthermore, the speed is not the fastest available on the market and the runtime could be much better as compared to the competition.

What to look out for before buying an RC Battleship

Purchasing RC battleships is not exactly like going out for groceries, especially if this is the first time you will be getting your hands on a functional RC battleship. RC warships are delicate and if you don’t know what features to look for, you may be wasting some of your precious money. If you want a ship for rc warship combat it might be a lot more costly.

Whether you were impressed by a friend’s RC battleship and decided to purchase your own or you’re getting it as a gift for an enthusiast friend, it is a tricky job. The first thing you need to know is what the essential components of an RC battleship are and what exactly do they bring to the table (or to the hull of the ship, in this case.)

Hulls are the part of the ship which has the center of buoyancy as well as the center of gravity of the boat. While the center of buoyancy is affected by the hull’s shape, the center of gravity is dependent on the weight applied, so hulls will become less stable if the center of gravity is higher than the center of buoyancy.

Cannons are found in RC battleships that shoot, but they are also present as showpieces. Cannons are basically artillery pieces or boat weapons that utilize explosive-based propellants and gunpowder. They are more common in RC warships that take part in RC battleship combat.

Electric motors serve the same purpose as they do on other machines and vehicles; they power the ship and give it the required drive to move through the water. These motors are powered by rechargeable batteries that are installed in the RC battleships.

Radio RC is an essential part of these warships as they provide the necessary means of communication so that you can steer the boat where you want it to go. The operating range of radio RC is of the utmost importance, so it is important to look for a large enough range. Otherwise, once the boat sails out of the range, getting it back will become quite a struggle.

ESC is the electronic circuit that allows you to move the boat at the desired speed. It alters the motor speed and direction and provides the electric power to generate the speed. Without this system, your warship will move at only one speed, which makes it steering very difficult. Don’t worry, however, as most of the RC models come with a variable speed control to give you better control.

Propellers are the fans that power the RC battleships by producing pressure difference from thrust motion, which is created by the conversion of rational motion. If your RC battleship has dual propellers, you are going to have a good time steering your boat.

If you encounter another RC ship, you will notice that those ships are faster than your RC battleship. That’s not a cause of worry since RC battleships are the slowest among all the RC boats and ships. So if you want the fastest ship, maybe an RC battleship isn’t for you.

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