Nitro and Gas RC Boats

If you like noise, and an overall feeling of adrenaline rc gas or nitro boats are just for you! There’s no better feeling of excitement watching your remote control boat just speed of right trough the distance as you hear the high powered motor with all its might. Gas rc boats and nitro rc boats do have a few key differences.

Best Nitro RC Boats

Aquacraft Rio 51Z - Gas RC Boat

Coming in at a gigantic size of 51 inches the aqua craft rio 51z this boat is ready to race. If you are the type that believes bigger size means better performance then you hit the nail on the with this one! The Rio comes with a Zenoah G260PUM engine, one of the top engines that delivers amazing speed.  It uses a 2.4GHZ radio allowing you to have a clear session without being worried of other rc boaters around. The Rio also has grim reaper hardware included that makes it ready to race and making it look stylish and classy. It uses unleaded Two Cycle oil Klutz Techniplate with a 16:1 mix ratio. It weights 14 pounds and comes at a price of 800$.

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Pro Boat Rockstar - Best Nitro Boat

What can I say about this boat? Well first of all just look at that design! The graphics on this RC boat are nothing but amazing! The black and yellow colors will definitely make it stand out in the water. It definitely will come off as the Alpha boat in your region so be prepared to be challenged for many races. It has a lightweight fiberglass hull and it comes with a water cooled 26cc gas engine which can reach up to 40mph. The boat has a wide hull helping it deal with rough water and providing a lot of stability. It comes with the Spectrum DX2E Radio system and it has a large-scale servo with over 270 ounces of torque. With the inline rudder it comes equipped with it also makes very smooth turns either left or right. It’s very easy to make changes on this boat or access it’s motor thanks to its easy going removable radio tray. Now this one comes in at a price of 1000$. You can either read the full Pro Boat Rockstar review here or click here to buy the Pro Boat Rockstar

Gas vs Nitro RC Boats

Take a look:

1. Gas boats are larger than their counterparts.

2.Gas boats are usually easier to refuel than nitro.

3.If speed is what you care about then definitely go with nitro, they are much faster.

4.Nitro rc boats are more expensive however and you should already have quite a bit of experience before you get one of these.

5. Nitro engines run on methanol/nitromethane mix with certain lubricants while gas engines run on gas mixed with standard 2 cycle oil. Nitro gas of course is a lot less expensive than gas.

6. The power to weight ratio of a nitro engine is a lot greater than a gas engine.

Ah your the hands on type of guy who doesn’t mind working with motors huh? Adding gas to a motor doesn’t bother you at all well heres a list of great selection of rc gas boats just for you!


Information on GAS and Nitro RC Boats


You want to make sure to learn about your local laws around the ponds, or lake that your driving these in. Usually because of the noise some places won’t like this very much but for the most part you don’t have nothing to worry about but it’s still good to be informed.  Also make sure that you have a big area to drive these in since they can be very fast.

Boat Maintenance: 

Now these bad boys do require some maintaining. The better the maintenance the longer they tend to last. The type of fuel that goes into them definitely depends on the engine. It is important to check your rc boat’s engine manual to know exactly what and how much fuel goes into it. Some engines require a certain mix of oil to go along with it. A bad mix of fuel and oil can definitely lead a damaged engine that’s why it’s so important to verify the mix before you put it in.

Duration on the water:

One advantage that rc gas boats or nitro boats have over their electric counterparts is the duration of time that they can be out in the water. They will run as long as you have gas in them, and they’re easy to refuel. There isn’t no waiting time for batteries to recharge so you could just refuel them and send them right back out. Now just beware that some of these boats come with batteries depending on the electrical hardware that they are using.

Gas/Nitro Boats on the market: 

If you look in the market you will notice that gas and nitro rc boats are a lot harder to find. This is because they are usually more expensive and there aren’t a lot of them made for beginners. It’s also very frustrating because some of the website that do have them often have some of them out of stock.

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Keeping your RC GAS or NITRO RC BOAT clean

Since having a internal combustion engine does require a more significant dedication to maintain it’s important to keep it clean. I recommend to attest clean it every time after you take out your boat for a spin. Now we sometimes get lazy and convince ourself well do it another day but it’s important to make sure that you clean it every once in a while. Personally I don’t have a problem removing the engine and doing full engine clean however it isn’t required. For those with nitro engines it’s very important that you clean them every once in a while. The nitro fuel that is used leaves nitro residue in the engine which can cause damage to it. Here are some of the ways to clean.

For those who don’t want to take out your engine of your NITRO rc boat this is what you do:

Have a small fuel tank were you have methanol and oil. After you finish running your rc boat you start it up with this fuel tank and let it run for a while. This flushes out all the nitro and moister. This is a great way to clean your rc boat without taking the engine out.

For those who don’t mind taking the engine out of your Nitro or Gas boat this is what you do:

Disassemble the boat and make sure that everything is tight. This means check your screws make sure that your hull has been sealed tight and no water got in. Take a look at the inside of the drive line and make sure there isn’t a blockage or any debris. Clean the filter as they can be clogged up with debris as well. After you check that your boat is all nice and clean then you pour WD-40 in. For those who don’t know what WD-40 is, it’s basically a water dispersant (that’s what WD stands for) that helps displace moisture.

Put it in the carburetor and then move your engine around so it get’s all around it. You can try rotating the engine and turning it down on it’s head just to make sure that the WD40 get’s to all the bearings so it can absorb the moisture.

After you clean your engine you are good to go and be ready to enjoy a longer engine life.

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