7 Best Sailing Gloves

7 Best Sailing Gloves

If you’re looking for durable yet comfortable sailing gloves, go through our review of the best sailing gloves to help you choose. When you’re out sailing you want to have the best equipment possible to avoid any injuries. Sailing gloves are perhaps one of the most important pieces of equipment you can have. 

They not only protect your hands from certain boat parts but also from the sun all while allowing you to keep your hands flexible. That’s why we took our time and reviewed some of the top quality gloves available. 

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The Fishing Tree UV Gloves
MRX Sailing Gloves
WindRider Pro Sailing Gloves
Brace Master Sailing Gloves
NeoSport Neoprene Finger Glove
Scavenger Abyss Reef Gloves
Gill Men’s Pro Sailing Gloves
Harken Sports Reflex Gloves

Best Sailing Gloves Reviews 2019

The Fishing Tree UV Gloves

These gloves are for both men and women and offer extreme protection from the sun.

  • Tested by the global scientific company, these gloves offer ultimate protection from the sun.
  • The quick-drying spandex and Amara faux leather provide flexibility when wearing.
  • There’s an adjustable Velcro wrist strap at the base for a reliable and secure fit.
  • The gloves are extremely lightweight.
  • Available in navy blue color.

MRX Sailing Gloves

These sailing gloves offer a strong grip while being comfortable to wear.

  • The ¾ design makes it easier to tie knots.
  • Created from premium Amara, these gloves offer flexibility and comfort.
  • The hook and loop at the base offers a secure fit.
  • These gloves are ideal for both men and women.
  • Available in white/blue, grey/black, and blue/grey color combinations.

WindRider Pro Sailing Gloves

These comfortable and durable gloves are the perfect choice for sailing.

  • With brushed Amara leather palms, these gloves offer the ultimate protection from blisters and rope burns.
  • A layer of padding has been added to the 2019 version to offer a strong grip while being comfortable.
  • The breathable mesh keeps the hand cool while offering fast drying.
  • The 2/3 design offers nimble fingers, making it convenient to open knots, twiddle thumbs or just open sandwich bags.
  • These gloves are available in unisex sizing for men and women.

Brace Master Sailing Gloves

These gloves are ideal not just for sailing but also for fishing, kayaking, and surfing. Offering a ¾-finger design, these gloves offer style with durability.

  • These gloves are made from soft leather reinforced in the palm for increased grip on the ropes and protecting hands from calluses and blisters.
  • The ¾-finger design is perfect for knotting, sailing, fishing and all water sports.
  • A soft, breathable material at the back keeps the hands cool and easy to wear and remove the glove.
  • The nylon stitching ensures that the glove does not rip easily.
  • Available in sizes S to XL (7”-10.5”).
  • Available in a dark blue color.

NeoSport Neoprene Finger Glove

These gloves offer comfort along with being durable. Whether you want to go snorkeling, diving, sailing or water skiing, these NeoSport gloves could be the ultimate choice. 

  • Made with a stretchable spandex and synthetic leather padding, these gloves are extremely comfortable to wear.
  • ¾-finger design.
  • The padded synthetic palm with vents offer the palms and lower fingers protection from abrasion.
  • There are wrist fasteners at the base of the glove for a secure and reliable fit.
  • The gloves are lightweight and can be comfortably used in hot weather.
  • Available in a black color.

Scavenger Abyss Reef Gloves

These heavy-duty gloves are useful for not only sailing but also snorkeling, kayaking, scuba diving, spear fishing and rafting. Made from a highly durable material, these gloves will offer you the ultimate grip.

  • Offering thermal protection, these gloves are 1.5 mm thick, ideal for cool waters.
  • The reinforced thumb and palms offer the highest level of durability, making it easy to overtake any challenges.
  • The Amara leather palms provide you with the strongest grip.
  • Neoprene mesh at the back and Lycra panels offer the highest flexibility.
  • It has adjustable wrist bands to enable the perfect fit.
  • Available in a blue color.
  • Sizes range from XXS-XXL.

Gill Men’s Pro Sailing Gloves

These sailing gloves provide performance with style. Offering an excellent level of grip, these gloves should be a definite purchase if you enjoy sailing.

  • These sailing gloves are made with patented pre-curved fingers for a seamless construction.
  • The Proton-Ultra fingers and palm have been tested against rope burns and, along with its wrap construction, offer more durability than conventional gloves.
  • The Dura-Grip fabric on the base of the palm construction offers amazing grip levels and increased flexibility.
  • Available in a black color.

Harken Sports Reflex Gloves

These gloves are the ultimate sailing gloves. Made from 50% Black Magic, 30% nylon and 20% rubber, they are quite durable.

  • They are low-profile and do not come in the way of wristwatches, so they can be worn easily.
  • Black Magic provides excellent protection and durability and easily resists abrasion.
  • There are mesh vents at the base of the fingers to enable a custom fit.
  • The Black Magic fingers are durable enough, aid in increased dexterity and reduce seam bulk.

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