Proboat Rockstar 48 Review

Proboat Rockstar 48 Review

Are you crazy for speed boats and want to kill the waves with radio controlled boats? There are many radio controlled boats out there in the market, but the Rockstar 48-inch Catamaran is the coolest. It is officially the best and is also licensed by Rockstar Energy.

The best part of this boat is that it is fitted with a Dynamite 26cc engine, which runs on gas. The engine is also water cooled so that there are no limits to how long you can let it surf the water. With this engine, it can reach speeds of more than 60 km/h. It is a lightweight boat as it has a fiberglass hull. With the graphics on it, it looks amazing on water just like a rock star itself. This is a perfect boat for those who are enthusiastic about radio boating. Here is a brief Rockstar review, which will help you know wether you should get it or not.

Rockstar Specifications

  • Weight: 20.2 lb
  • Length: 48.0 inches
  • Drive System: Flex Shaft
  • Beam: 17.3 inches
  • Radio: DX2E 2-Channel DSMR
  • Speed: Up to 60 km/h
  • Engine: 26cc engine
  • Prop Size: 70mm dia 1.5 pitch
  • Bullet Point 2

ProBoat Rockstar Features

Among the best features when compared to many other radio boats is its engine. This Pro Boat Rockstar Catamaran has a powerful gas engine. The engine is water cooled, which ensures a long run. It has a Dynamite 26cc engine. With the help of this engine, it propels the Catamaran up to speeds of 60 km/h.

It has a large-scale servo that has more than 270 oz/in of torque to support and give more thrust to the large body of this Rockstar Catamaran.

The maintenance of this boat is also quite easy and effortless as it has a removable composite radio tray. This removable component ensures an easy access to maintain and handle the radio components and the receiver.

To ensure that it turns with precision, it has a long-lasting inline rudder. This rudder makes sure that the boat is smooth on water when it is turning and has no difficulty.

Rough water can be hard to maneuver the boat, but with the wider hull of this boat, it offers stability in turns and also in rough waters.

Another beneficial feature of this Pro Boat is the centrifugal clutch. With the help of this clutch, the boat does not spin when it has an idle engine. This is just another added safety measure.

The hardware of this boat is made of aluminum. This anodized aluminum makes the Pro Boat Rockstar even more durable. With its aluminum body, it ensures longevity.

It is all about the control. These boats are controlled by radio signals. With the Rockstar 48-inch Catamaran, you will not have this difficulty at all. It comes with a Spektrum DX2E DSMR Radio System, which is a great system that ensures smooth sailing.

What we like about the Spartan (Pros)

The best part of the Pro Boat Rockstar is that it has a powerful engine, which ensures high speeds of 60 km/h. Another good thing is durability which is ensured by the aluminum body. There are many radio boats which are not stable on water, but the Pro Boat Rockstar has a wide hull, which gives stability even in rough waters. The advantage of running on gas gives extra mileage with less money spent.

What we don't like about this boat

One of the biggest disadvantages may be the price factor. For many people, a thousand bucks are not easy to give away. The price of a thousand dollars is too high.

Furthermore, the boat needs a special clutch to maneuver the turns and rough water moves.

With this Proboat Rockstar 48 review, you will know that, although the price is too high, it is still a good buy. There are many boats which are more expensive than it and yet are not as effective. This boat has better maneuverability and control than most boats in this price range.

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