FT009 RC Boat Review

FT009 RC Boat Review


Usually, streams, ponds, and other small bodies of water are pretty tranquil. Remote control boats like the FT009 can stir the water up and make things more interesting. These boats are small, speedy, and provide entertainment for kids and adults alike. They are fun to race or cruise around with, and the best thing is that you do not have to step foot in the water to control one. The FT009 rc racing boat comes with an omni-directional function, a 2.4GHz radio controller and a water cooling system and can be self-righted when flipped. It is powerful, affordable and, most importantly, reliable. You can drive it in lakes, ponds, slow-flowing rivers or even pools.

What You Should Know About The FT009

The FT009 RC boat is a high-speed, V-hull racing boat which is not only fast but also fun and easy to use. Its stylish design and bright colors are appealing to look at. Even if you overturn the racing boat during high-speed cornering, there are no issues because it has a built-in self-righting function and is equipped with an anti-capsize technology, so you just need to apply the throttle and the boat flips up the right way.

The boat is completely ready to run, which makes it ideal for both beginners and experienced boaters and would also make it a perfect race boat for novices who want to get into the RC electric boat racing. It is powered by a 7.4V, 1500mAh Li-ion battery that packs a punch. The motor, ESC, and steering servo are all pre-installed. The 2.4GHz transmitter offers interference-free running at any boating site. This FT009 RC boat is one of the best-selling and most popular high-speed racing boat models available in the market because of its affordable price and decent build quality. It is powered by a 540 class size water-cooled motor, which provides plenty of thrusts while making sure that the motor does not overheat. Furthermore, the latest 2.4GHz spread spectrum frequency provides longer transmission distance with high resistance to interference.

FT009 Features

  • Dimensions of the boat: 46 cm x 12.5 cm x 11.8 cm
  • Available colors: Orange and green
  • The boat can cover up to 200 meters operational distance
  • It has an approximate speed of 30 kilometers per hour
  • Charging time is four hours and run time is seven to ten minutes
  • It has a sealed receiver compartment and a sealed main hatch
  • Water cooling facility to prevent motor from overheating
  • Directional control in four directions: Forwards, backward, left and right
  • It has self-righting function to prevent the boat from overturning
  • It is equipped with a 540 brushed racing motor
  • It has a durable metal actuating mechanism
  • To prevent water damage, the boat has a splash guard on radio control
  • It can be placed on a display stand when not in water
  • The complete set of the racing boat consists of a V-hull racing boat, 7.4V 1500mAH Li-ion battery, 110~240VAC battery charger, 2.4GHz transmitter, spare propeller, bow bumper and a boat stand.

What we like about the FT009 RC Boat

The FT009 RC boat provides great value for money and offers a powerful drive train. It has a built-in water-cooling system to prevent excessive heating. The anti-capsizing technology allows the boat to run smoothly as you over-turn.

What we don't like about this boat

The transmitter throttle spring of the boat offers very faint feedback, and the binding can be a little problematic at times. The plug of the battery is non-standard.

Considering the FT009 review, this racing boat is an excellent performer overall. However, a few improvements can be made to further enhance its functioning. The boat is surely value for money and is highly recommended for experienced boaters as well as novices.

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