Traxxas Remote Control Boats

We all love Traxxas. They make some of the best rc toys in the market and if there is one thing they’re really good at making it’s definitely rc boats. We’ve compiled this huge list of the top Traxxas rc boats. 

Best Traxxas RC Boats


The all-new Traxxas Blast boat is just what you need if you are looking for a high-performance traxxas boat with a highly efficient radio system of TQ 2.4 GHz. It also has a 4-ampere fast-detecting charger that produces a peak of 12 volts DC. The Traxxas Blast also comes with a water cooling system that is incorporated into it. It has a receiver box installed that is sealed as well as a Nautica speed control that is waterproof. Its digital servo is also waterproof and has a high torque.

It provides to you aesthetics along with high performance and efficiency. It has a sleek design and strong build. Its decals are die cut and bright colored. It has a patented connector that is Traxxas’s original high-current connector. It is an OEM part, so you can easily get support for it. It has a Stinger motor and, coupled with its Nautica ESC, is a brilliant combination for your boat.

Overall, it is a reliable and fast boat that is very easy to drive. The water cooling system that is incorporated into it helps keep it cool for longer periods of time. Since a lot of its parts are waterproof, the gear doesn’t get wet very easily and guarantees you longer periods of fun.


The Traxxas DCB M41 is another great choice to make if you are looking for a high-quality boat. It has a TQi 2.4 GHz radio installed in it. It also has a TSM system that stands for Traxxas Stability Management. This system makes sure that the algorithms that are run for superior tuning have a greater control on electric components that are high speed, making them much more efficient.

It also consists of a DCB catamaran that measures 40 inches with a motor. This Traxxas catamaran boat requires two 11.1 LiPo batteries and a 5000 mAH battery charger. This charger should be compatible with selected batteries only which should include AA batteries.

It also comes with extra equipment that is not needed but is definitely nice to have. This includes shore and maintenance equipment and a LiPo charging bag.

All in all, the DCB M41 is a great catamaran boat with a perfect design that is well sculpted and sleek. It has a speed of 175 mph, which is pretty impressive. What basically enhances its speed is its hydrodynamic resistance.

38104-5 1/10 Blast

The Traxxas 38104-51 is an awesome boat that is remote controlled and has a 2.4 GHz TQ radio installed. It also has a water cooling system incorporated into it, which keeps the system cool and usable for longer periods of time so that you can keep having fun. It has a receiver box that is sealed and a speed control by Nautica. The speed control and its high-torque servo are waterproof, which means that the boat gear does not get damaged in water. This can ensure rides are longer and safer.

It is operated by a 7.2-V cell and works with an AC charger. It has a sleek design that is very appealing to the eye and factory-installed decals. Its connector is patented and is a Traxxas original high-current connector.

This Traxxas Blast boat is fast, reliable and very easy to drive. It has a 24-inch deep hull and strong new decals that increase its aesthetic appeal. It’s adjustable and has a lot of performance tuning features. Its design is made such that it’s comfortable for riders as well. The price of the boat is not a lot, and the price you pay for it is completely worth it.

Moreover, its setup does not take time and all its parts are very to install. It is ready to drive as soon as it is out of its box. Its surface has a piercing pop which gives it a strong, durable coating and protects it against harsh weather.

57076-4 Spartan

The Traxxas 57076-4 is one of the best traxxas rc boats that you should definitely go for if you are looking for a low-budget but highly efficient boat. It has the TSM system in place or, more specifically, the Traxxas Stability Management system. Its algorithms are all finely tuned and run on high-speed components to make sure they perform brilliantly. These algorithms also make sure that the boat accelerates and that too in a straight direction.

It is a deep V racing boat with a 2.4 GHz TQi radio installed in it. It also has a motor and ESC incorporated in its design. It comes with an easy-to-read and user-friendly manual and customer guide so that you can easily understand how to operate it and face no difficulty in making it function. It also requires 4 AA batteries to operate and 2 NiMH cells.

It works with a Traxxas battery charger that is only compatible with specific devices. Its customer reviews say that the boat is incredibly fast on two cells. Normally, these cells are Gens Ace 5000 LiPo. More reviews say that is very sturdy because of the material it is made with. Hence, you can have fun with it for as long as you like without any worries.

5707 Spartan VXL

The Traxxas 5707 is another great rc boat that we have on our list. It is a Spartan VXL with a Castle system and a 2.4 GHz radio installed in it. It is available in a number of colors but mostly blue and red. It gives you a speed of 30 mph out of the box and 50 mph all out. It has a 36-inch deep V design, and it works with the Traxxas power cell and NiMH batteries. Its radio system is a TQ 2.4 GHz with Traxxas as its output link.

This Traxxas rc boat is a fast, efficient and high-performance boat. It is very rigid, has a 26-inch hull, and is very smooth on water. It has drive controls that are all made of aluminum and, therefore, are not very heavy. It is slightly expensive, but most radio-controlled boats are and this one is completely worth the price you pay for it. It will be a one-time investment and will last you a very long time.

All in all, the Traxxas 5707 Spartan is a smart purchase to make and will ensure your comfort.

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