Sometimes your rc boat just get’s stranded out in the lake. Sometimes your kid causes it to get’s stuck out there, things happen. There can be many reasons why such as your boat running out of battery or gas. Also maybe the motor just dies out of nowhere. It’s good to have a plan incase that happens because you do not want to end up loosing your boat! Since this is such a huge topic along the rc boat enthusiast community I will be providing all the different types of ways that you can retrieve your boat!


Swimming for rc boat

So I will get this one out of the way, swimming. Swimming is probably the first thing that pops to your head when you lose your rc boat however you need to be very careful. Unless your rc boat is in a pool, don’t do it. There have been many and I mean many cases where owners died trying to retrieve there rc boats. It is a very simple and convenient method (disregarding the fact that your getting wet of course) but take precautions. Always have someone watching you no matter how good of a swimmer you are. I have done it a few time but I would not recommend I do not want to see another news story of a fellow rc boater die from drowning so please take the necessary precautions if you plan on doing this.


Fishing for an rc boat

Now for you fishing lovers out there it’s possible to use your skills to save your rc boat! (Hint if you love fishing you can fish with rc boats now check this out) Now this method involves attaching a tennis ball or a baseball to your fishing line and then throwing it, either trying to get it behind the boat or inside the hull and then just reeling it in!  If you miss then simply reel it in and try again. The goal here is that as soon as your start to reel in the ball, the line will catch on to a part of your boat and with the weight of the ball it will push the boat back to you. Hopefully you have a good aim because you do not want to end up hitting your boat with a baseball. If you miss then simply reel it in and try again. Now it’s good to keep in mind that this can of course get tiring on your arm so be prepared to have another alternated method. Many people I know use this method and I use it sometimes as well. This is probably one of the most convenient and easier methods.

Rescue Boat

You can simply try to bring your boat back to shore just using another boat. Rc Boat manafacturers have taken notice of this problem and have even designed a cute little RC duck boat to help you for retrieval. It’s a very slow moving boat so it’s great for kids as well! You can easily always use just another boat you have with you. You can even customize certain rc boat’s to be built just for that. Now if your stranded boat is bigger than your rescue then it might be a problem but there are certain ways around it. A lot of people use tug boats then they place two foam full with pvp pipes. This is probably the most efficient way to getting your rc boat back.  Creativity goes a long way and i’ll show you an example:

RC Fishing + Rescue Boat = AWESOME

One creative way of getting your rc boat is to attach a fishing line to your rescue boat. Once it’s attached drive your rescue boat to the stranded rc boat and do turns around it. You then begin to reel in the boat and the line will hopefully latch onto either the propeller or any hanging hardware of your rc boat and wallah! You bring in both the rescue boat and the dead rc boat. This method works great wether your boat is right side up or upside down. Now of course for this method you have to use a heavy duty fishing line so it doesn’t snap and also watch the throttle as your bringing it in. You already have the line attached so flouring the throttle might cause it to break lose so slow your horses and take your time. This is perhaps one of the most efficient methods out there today and I haven’t seen lot of people use this method. The only time this failed me is when the rc boat floated away to quickly and I didn’t have enough fishing line to reach my rescue boat all the way out there.

Rowing out there with a boat or RUBBER DUCKY

Inflatable rubber ducky

One not so convenient way is to have a rescue boat, such as kayak, wooden boat, or blow up raft. Pretty self explanatory just bring it out and row your boat all the way to the stranded rc boat. You could even use a jet-ski to get your boat depending on just how big the region your driving your boat in. Then if you want to be cute you could always bring a rubber ducky inflatable and just paddle your way out there. I’ve seen someone do it once and it was absolutely hilarious while not the most efficient it was certainly cheap. Just make sure to always bring a life jacket just in case!

Sinking RC Boat?

If worse comes to worse and your boat sinks do not panic there are still ways to retrieve it! Well one way would be to try and scuba dive depending just how deep the region is and of course if you have scuba diving gear. You could also try to snorkel while this might be a little dangerous just make sure you have someone watching you just incase worse comes to worse again. There is also a neat little trick you can do. You can try attaching a magnet to the rc boat. Again depending on how deep the region is would depend if the method works. Attach the magnet and then with another magnet attached to your fishing pole or fishing line try to search around the area and see if it sticks. While this might not be the most successful way to do it if you don’t have any other options then this is probably the way to go.