Brushless rc boats have become way more popular than their brushed counterparts. Sleeker designs and longer transmitter distances along with loads of fun on the water are some of the many reasons why enthusiasts and hobbyists are getting themselves involved in rc boat racing. Thanks to the evolution of technology, the gear available today is way better than the old-fashioned versions and with the rise of brushless rc boats they're faster than ever.

Hydroplanes, V-shaped hulls, and catamarans are some of the various types of brushless rc boat rtr available. Each type has its own pros and cons, making it suitable for different users. When purchasing these boats, there are many factors that you need to consider, such as the speed, battery life, and other additional features. This can make the task of picking the right type of boat difficult. To make your task easier, here are the best four brushless RC boats with their specifications, features, pros and cons.

Top 4 Brushless RC Boat Comparison Table​

RC BoatTypePriceOur Rating
Aquacraft SeattleElectric$$$5.0
Proboat BlackjackElectric$$4.5
Minimono TTX300 Electric$4.4

Best Brushless Remote Control Boats

You have a wide variety of brushless boats to choose from. It is a bit difficult figuring out which of these are the top ones and which ones aren't. We've made it easier for you and have compiled this awesome list.

AquaCraft Miss Seattle U-16 

brushless aquacraft misseattle

This is a little rocket ship that delivers tons of performance at a very affordable price. The construction is lightweight and durable.

  • ABS Radio and Tactic TTX300 transmitter with TR325 receiver

  • Motor: 2200 kV factory-installed inrunner with cooling jacket

  • 30 A controller with low-voltage and stutter bump warnings

  • Requires AA batteries, 4 for the transmitter, compatible with selected battery

  • 30 mm 2-blade FRP propeller

  • Recommended age: 15 years and up

  • Item weight: 5 pounds

  • The package includes Miss Seattle Hydroplane with applied graphics, controller, motor, receiver, servo, strut, propeller, stand and radio box tape

This is one of the best brushless RC boats on the market that comes completely assembled with factory-finished ABS hull and canopy. It features a factory-installed 2200 kV inrunner motor with a 30 A controller and low-voltage and stutter bump warnings. If the boat hits an underwater obstruction, the breakaway rudder swings up and back to avoid damage to itself and the transom. The motor, radio gear and battery are double covered by the canopy and hatch but are readily available.

It comes with a built-in BEC, star plug battery, universal radio connectors and 3.5 mm bullet motor. A unique cinch motor coupler decreases strain on the drive system and improves dependability. In addition to this, there is the Tactic TTX300 three-channel 2.4 GHz satellite radio with a TR325 receiver and mini steering servo. The mini hydro turn fin boosts the right and straightaway handling, resulting in "floats on air" performance and tight turns.

Other features include a music-wire driveshaft, performance-tuned unlimited hydroplane hull and a 30 mm 2-blade FRP propeller.



This is a high-speed V-hull brushless remote control boat rtr that is fun, super fast, and easy to operate and transport.

  • Top speed of 45 kilometers per hour (28 miles per hour)

  • Radio: 2.4 GHz

  • Dimensions: 18.4 x 5 x 5 inches (467 x 127 x 128 millimeters)

  • Capsize recovery

The FT012 is equipped with a water cooling system that helps extend the boat's life. It has a maximum speed of forty-five kilometers per hour (twenty-eight miles per hour) and includes a high power motor, which makes the boat flexibly fast and super powerful.

Another excellent feature is its capsize recovery, which is a self-adjusting feature that lets you command the boat back into action whenever it capsizes in the water. A 2.4 GHz Radio Control Gun is very easy to operate and highly cost-effective with three-in-one ESC. Other components include a 2.4 GHz receiver, servo controller, and electron speed regulator. The boat is very compact with a length of 18.4 inches and width and height of five inches.

Pro Boat Blackjack 

This is a ready to run brushless RC boat. You only need to add a charger, battery pack, and AA batteries for the transmitter before you are ready to rip across the water at a speed of up to thirty miles per hour.

  • Length: 24 inches (609.6 millimeters)

  • Radio: ECX 2.4 GHz Transmitter, 2-Channel V2

  • Size of motor: 2000 kV

  • Hull material: ABS

  • Speed control: 30 A

  • Trim scheme colors: Black and red

  • Size of propeller: 1.34 x 2.06 inches (34 x 52 millimeter)

  • Hull type: Catamaran

  • Scale: Twenty-four inches

  • Experience level: Intermediate

  • Recommended for using outdoor

  • Does not require assembly

The pro boat will help you experience boating at full throttle. It is equipped with a powerful 2000 kV water-cooled motor as well as action-ready Li-Po compatible thirty-amp ESC. It has the kind of power and speed that will surely make people turn their heads. It is capable of reaching the speeds of thirty miles per hour on 3S LiPo power.

Furthermore, the Blackjack Catamaran comes with a 2.4 GHz Pro Boat radio system along with an offset rudder system that provides superb stability while keeping the boat glued to the water.

Other features include a hull mounted waterproof steering servo, convenient drain plug, waterproof electronics and a one-piece internal electronics tray.

Minimono TTX300 

  • Hull: Molded plastic

  • Motor: 28-30-2200 kV 

  • Radio: Tactic TTX300 2.4 GHz pistol grip system

  • SLT-Secure Link Technology

  • Servo reversing

  • ESC: 20 A LiPo compatible

The boat features a breakaway design that allows the rudder to swing back if it strikes an object and return to the correct position. It has a molded plastic stand and comes with a warranty of ninety days after the purchase for defects. The package includes a motor, radio, ESC, instructions and, of course, the AquaCraft Minimono brushless boat with a stand.

What is Brushless & How Does it Work​

A brushless motor defers from a brushed motor in the fact that it does not contain any brushes as obvious as that is.​ It is controlled by a computer where as in a brushed motor which are controlled by mechanical brushes. This makes brushless motors a lot more precise than their counterparts. They are often less noisy and are easier to cool down. It's universally agreed that these boats are much faster however due to these advantages they are also more costly. 

Here are more visual representations of why these are better:

  • Don't need to worry about brushes wearing out
  • Make less noise
  • The electromagnet are easier to cool down
  • They are faster since their motor isn't limited