Childhood is amongst the best periods of our lives. Never again can we be as carefree as we were when we spent our days playing with an array of toys. Never again can our biggest concern be about the cartoon we didn't want to miss or the toy we desperately wanted to have.

If you have kid, you would know that the latest craze amongst them is a remote control boat. Such toys have witnessed massive improvement since the olden days. Technology has surely done right by them.

Top 6 Remote Control Boats for Kids

Do you feel overwhelmed by the responsibility we have placed upon your shoulder? You need not worry, for we are here to put you out of your misery. Here is a list of some of the best remote control boats you can buy for your kids.

Top Race® TR-800

top race boat

Do you wish to provide your child with a durable boat which can be used in all types of water? If so, Top Race has just the right product for you.


Top Race has launched its remote-controlled water speed boat which can be used in both pools and lakes. It is made for children who are eight or older. Such a feature means that your child has the luxury of playing with the boat both indoors and outdoors. If your child is the outdoorsy type, they would appreciate the performance of this product in lakes.

Not only can this boat operate in the usual forward, backward, right and left direction, but it can also make sharp turns and perform auto-flips. The remote controller of the boat is easy to use and operate and allows the boat to run at a frequency of 27 MHz. While such a rate may not be ideal for racing, it surely is perfect for fun.

This product also ensures the safety of your child by including a safety feature in the toy. This feature ensures that the blades of the boat halt their spinning extravaganza once out of the water. Such a feature ensures that your child does not get hurt from the sharp spinning blade.

Pros and Cons

Customers have been happy with the product and have appreciated it for its easy usability and its simple yet flattering aesthetics. Customers have reported that the toy was well received by children who found it immensely fun to play with.

However, some have observed that the antenna on the boat is a little fragile. Since children are known to handle their toys roughly, many believe that such features can be improved to make it more durable.

All in all, Top Race has succeeded in delivering a product which has been praised by parents and children alike. The versatility in its usage and its affordable price make it a likely choice for many.

Babrit F1 High-Speed 

babrit f11 review

Babrit F1 ensures a safe yet fun experience for your children. The classy style combined with a vibrant orange color makes this boat a likely choice for those whose children want an appealing appearance and a fun experience.


This boat features an immensely powerful motor and a speed of up to 15-20 km/h. Such a speed is high enough to keep your child on their toes while allowing them to maintain control of the boat.

The remote controller is easy to use and is marked by strong signals. It has a random frequency of 27, 40 and 49 MHz and such a frequency cannot be adjusted. It is accompanied by a rechargeable battery of 4.8 volts, which takes approximately 3 hours to charge fully. For maximum durability, ensure that the battery is not left to charge overnight.

The remote controller gives your child the ability to control the boat for a distance of 30 to 50 meters, depending on the disturbances in the surrounding. Such a range allows visibility of the vessel and ensures that the boat can be used safely in ponds and lakes.

The boat can flawlessly make right, left, forward and backward turns. It is marked by an ability to balance itself and, therefore, does not witness any toppling accidents.

Pros and Cons

Overall, customers have been satisfied with the performance of the product. The high speed of the boat and its durability are the primary advantages of purchasing this boat. According to customer feedback, the boat has been a source of constant entertainment for the young ones and is, therefore, a worthy purchase.

Some feel that it is a bit difficult to steer the boat at times and have suggested improvements in this function of the ship. Nonetheless, the pros of the toy clearly overshadow this drawback.

This boat has been proven to provide children with a fun and engaging experience. It is easy to use once you get the hang of it. If your child loves remote control boats, you may want to give this toy a try.



Do you wish to provide your child with a toy which is not merely marked by a stylish appearance but also includes distinctive features? If so, this RC boat is the perfect one for your kid. 


This boat is dubbed to be a racing boat since it operates at high speed. However, the speed is controllable for a child and, therefore, adds value rather than providing discontent to the users.

The water cooling system attached to the boat serves as a bonus feature which competing products lack. Such a characteristic prevents overheating of the motor and, thereby, enhances the durability of the product.

Moreover, it includes a self-correcting function which ensures that the boat flips back into its original position if the currents of the water topple it over. Such a feature enhances the performance of the product.

The product includes a rechargeable battery of 7.4 volts made out of lithium ion which guarantees that your child can play with the toy for a long time. Furthermore, the remote control is 2.4 G which allows it to search for the correct frequency and work within its controlling distance.

Pros and Cons

This boat has been well received by both parents and their children. Customers have appreciated its water cooling system which, they report, has significantly enhanced the durability of the toy compared to other available products. Moreover, they believe that this boat can withstand a significant amount of water currents and such a feature is commendable.

Customers, however, feel that there should be some indicator of the battery life left. Lack of such a feature leaves them clueless about when the product will stop working.

This RC boat enhances durability for parents while catering to the need of fun for children. By serving flawlessly to both of its target customers, this product has made a place among the top remote control boats available.

New Bright 17" Mastercraft

new bright

Do you want to ensure that your child is left satisfied without spending too much? If so, you will appreciate this product.


This product contains a boat, a transmitter, an antenna tube and a manual to ensure you are not clueless about how to set up or use the product. The manual is easy to read and understand. Such readability adds to the customer's convenience.

The boat can operate in forward and backward directions and can be steered both left and right. It is an ideal choice for children above the age of eight. The boat has a control distance of 100 feet which is perfect for visibility and ensuring that the ship doesn't go too deep in lakes and ponds.

The speed of the toy is high enough to entice children and keep them interested while being slow enough to allow for controllability. The design of the product is stylish and will surely attract children who wish for toys with attractive appearances.

Pros and Cons

Customers believe that the price of the boat is highly affordable and, therefore, a good choice for those who are faced with budget constraints. The boat is also sturdy and can withstand rough use.

However, some feel that the speed of the boat should be higher. As a high speed translates to difficulty in controllability, most believe that it's a drawback they are willing to forgo.

All in all, this toy is both affordable and fun to play with. Such features make it an ideal choice for both parents and children.

High-Speed Boat by Proxelle

proxelle boat for kids

This boat can successfully operate in all kinds of water, whether it is indoor pools or lakes, which makes it a tempting offer.


This boat is packed with value-added features including an auto-safety mode, a low battery alarm, and a water cooling system.

The auto-safety mode is responsible for turning off the propeller when the boat is out of the water, thereby ensuring that your child is safe from possible injuries. The water cooling system effectively enhances the durability of the product by extending the life of its motor. The alarm system guarantees that you are never caught off-guard by a drained battery.

The build of the boat prevents it from tipping over. The 2.4 GHz communication feature of the transmitter coupled with a 492-foot control distance allows your child to explore the depths of the lake with their boat.

Pros and Cons

Both parents and children have loved the product for its durability and the experience that it provides. The speed of this toy is fast and has been appreciated by children. It is also very easy to steer and control, further adding to the appeal of the product.

Customers believe that the appearance of the boat can further be improved to include vibrant color and designs. Since aesthetic is about one's preference, such a suggestion is not considered as a con by many.

This product is packed with features that make it an attractive offer. If you value durability and high quality, you will not be disappointed. It's one of out top choices for getting an rc boat for children.

Vector28 by Midea Tech

vector 28 review

Those of you who desire a sturdy and durable boat will be satisfied with this product by Midea Tech.


This boat can be used for racing due to its high speed. However, the speed is not high enough to result in controlling issues.

It features a water cooling system which enhances the sturdiness of the product. Plus, its waterproof design guarantees that the motor is not damaged when left in the water for a long time.

Its compact size ensures portability and, therefore, adds to the overall convenience of the product. The 2.4 GHz radio transmitter is marked by high quality and helps this boat deliver a premium performance.

Pros and Cons

This product has been lauded by customers for its high-level performance and durability. The reasonable price of the product acts as a bonus. They believe that the compact size does not hinder its performance and, therefore, adds to the overall appeal.

However, users think that the motor gets filled up with water quite often and the build should be improved to avoid such instances.

Overall, this product has proved to be a popular choice amongst many due to its premium performance and sturdiness. It surely is worth the price.

Things to Look for In A Kids Remote Control Boat

While some may believe that purchase decisions regarding toys do not need a lot of thinking, the contrary is true. There is such a vast selection of items available in toy stores that you are bound to get confused. There are various things you should look for when choosing the best remote control boat for kids.

If you want your child to play with their boat outdoors, you should opt for boats which are larger in size since smaller boats cannot withstand the currents of a lake water.

Moreover, it is important for the toy to look aesthetically appealing. It is because kids are attracted to things based on their appearance. If you want to increase the chances of your child approving the boat you bought them, always opt for those which are vibrant in color or are stylish.

You should also pay attention to the speed of the boat. Remember that the purpose of the toy is to entertain your child, not to win a racing competition. Boats which are too fast are harder to control. Therefore, choose a toy which has a speed that can be controlled by young kids.

Lastly, judge each boat by its relative ease of use. If the toy is too hard to operate, the chances are that your child will throw the ship in a pile of barely-used toys. Therefore, it is better to pick a boat which is not marked by difficulty in usage.

Well we hope you enjoyed reading our top picks for remote control boat for kids. Now go out there and have fun with your child.​